Mattel (1976-1978)

" Karl May" is the name of a famous german author of western stories. He is the most read german author since 1900. In the sixties were made a lot of western films based on May's stories.Many people in germany collect Karl May stuff as films, books, figures, records and last but not least the action figure line from Mattel.Stimulated by the great success of the films Mattel made an own Karl May series in 1976-1978.The bodies were Big Jim, the outfits and accessoires were westernstyle and the heads are from other Big Jim lines or totally new. There were the figures, some accessories, outfits, two horses and two birthdaysets in 1978.

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first line in 1976 included:

  Old Shatterhand straight hand 9405  Davy crocketstyle figure, Big Jeff with painted beard
  Winnetou straight hand 9404  indian hero (same as "Lone wolf")

  Hatatitla 7384 brown horse with saddle 
  Iltschi 7383 black horse with blanket 

  Indian canoe 9402  canoe with bearcoat, paddles
  Indian Wigwam 9401 tent, camp fire, stake

  Cowboy 9411  
  Indianchief 9413 with plastic feathers 
  Cavallrieofficer 9414 northern states 
  Winnetou-outfit 9415  indian outfit
  Texas Ranger 9412  
  Trapper / Scout 9410


additions in 1977:

  Bloody Fox 9499   bad guy indian warrior 
  Old Firehand 9497  with "real" hair Davy crocket style
  Old Surehand 9498  with "real" hair Davy crocket style
  Old Shatterhand griphand 9405   Davy crocketstyle figure, Big Jeff with painted beard 
  Old Shatterhand "real" hair 9405  rare version face like "Dakota Joe"
  Winnetou griphand 9904   (sometimes 9404)

  Covered waggon with stiff horses 9483 waggon and two stiff horses

  Prospector 9911  
  Indian Guide 9909 Indian US-army member
  Medicine man real feathers 9912 with real feathers
  Medicine man plastic feathers 9912 with plastic feathers
  Mexican guerrero 9910 with sombrero...
  Old Shatterhand outfit 9914 davy crocketstyle outfit 
  Pony Express / Wagon driver 9913  coachman outfit with whip...


and in 1978:

  Nscho-Tschi 2173 only women in Big Jims world
  Karl May birthdaysetset 9390 Set with Old Shatterhand and one Outfit
  Karl May "les vrais heroes vivent toujours de grandes aventures" 0603  Set with Old Shatterhand and two outfits (france exclusive)

  Apache bearhunt 2280  indian outfit and bear (if really produced unknown)
  Indian set 2176 with indian weapons, saddle... 
  Pony Express set 2174 with gun,colts,sleeping-bag,chest,sporn...
  Rider set 2177 with saddle and other riding-accessories
  Settler set 2175 with gun,farmer accessories,harrow..
  Sioux Snaketrap 2281  indian outfit, snake, buffalo head (if really produced unknown)
  covered waggon with movable horses  9483 waggon with two movable horses 

  Gun Slinger 2180 total black outfit 
  Smith 2182 with table,bellow,anvil
  Brave Indian Warrior 2183 outfit with bone breast armour
  Wells Fargo Agent 2181 waistcoat,telegraph....

There have been some toy-shop window displays, especially made for advertising in very low quantities.

Toy-shop window displays:
  Fort Mattel   Gate and towers of a fort with several figures 
  diggerhut (34-9086) Hut at a boulder with several figures
  Karl May Wigwam    Wigwam and several figures
  train    Locomotive and trailer with several figures with a mechanic which brings them to "live"

Jochen Berndt

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